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When materials like drywall, baseboard, crown molding, carpet, wood flooring, etc are damaged by fire water or mold they must be taken out and discarded. Debris removal coverage works by how its writing in your insurance section of a property insurance policy that provides reimbursement for clean-up costs associated with damage to property. Policies with a debris removal provision typically only cover debris resulting from an insured peril. Debris removal insurance policies commonly have a cap on the amount of reimbursement that a policyholder can receive for debris removal costs. While policies typically have debris removal as a standard provision, the policyholder is often able to purchase additional coverage. The policy provision may also extend to the removal of hazardous materials that may cover the property but could exclude pollutants.

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Who cleans up debris after house fire?

A: As the homeowner, you're responsible for clearing debris from your property after a fire. The good news is coverage for debris removal is included in most homeowners’ insurance policies.

What is considered debris?

A: Rubble, wreckage, ruins, litter and discarded garbage/refuse/trash, scattered remains of something destroyed, discarded, or as in geology, large rock fragments left by a melting glacier, charred wood or twisted metal from a building fire, waterlogged drywall and wood trim from a flood etc.

What is removing debris?

A: Debris removal is a service that removes various types of debris from a property. In the context of insurance, the cost of debris removal is often covered by property insurance policies. However, this cost is usually only covered if a covered peril causes the debris

Is debris removal the same as demolition?

A: Property owners should also check their property insurance policies for a debris removal provision, which covers the cost of removing debris and pollution that may result from demolition. In the demolition process, contractors are hired to demolish a structure.