When Disaster Strikes You Are Sure To Have a Lot of Question!

“Where Do I Begin?”

The most import thing is that everyone is safe & accounted for! Once your family is out of immediate danger it's time to shift your focus to your home & how AMCAT can help.

“Who Do I Call?"

The first calls you will want to make are to both your insurance provider & AMCAT. Click the button below to see a list of insurance companies' contacts.

“What Should I Do?”

Now that your family is safe & you have contacted your insurance it's time for AMCAT to step in! Click the button below to cotact us & we will help you through this trying time.

Disaster victims are frequently traumatized, and unaware of the important steps required of them to minimize damage, and liability after a devastating event such as Fire, Storm, or major Flood impact. Securing unsafe floors, walls, or ceilings and protecting the premises from unauthorized entry are often required to make the building less hazardous. Any amount of moisture left between the walls and under the floors will develop Mold vapors and create Bacterial contamination causing Mold damage. Am-Cat Emergency Services Mitigation steps are in place to terminate any compromised areas on location, this is important not only to protect the building structure and personal property, but also to prevent injury. It is every owner and insured persons duty to understand the terms of their insurance policy to take all reasonable steps to prevent further loss. We are committed to providing reliable, professional emergency services to owners and insured persons.

More About AMCAT

American Catastrophe Emergency Services is committed to providing our valued customers with rapid response, quality craftsmanship, and competitive pricing. We guarantee that our services will always be available 24/7/365. American Catastrophe Emergency Services network has been providing solutions for your Home or Office or Public Facility since 2005 with all damages by Fire, Flood, Weather, Vandalism, or an Accidental Force, and the need of Emergency Response quickly to avoid any further damage. American Catastrophe Emergency Services responds with emergency board-up in securing all compromised openings of #Doors #Windows #Skylights and custom openings as well as barricade services to keep out the elements and unwanted guests.

We also provide tapping services for damaged roofs, and full Drying and water extracting mitigation services and Mold remediation if the location is in need of a full cleaning, our entire team is committed in meeting your mitigation needs.

# Fire

#Fire: A Home and or Office Fires ravaged by flames may suffer from multiple element’s that can compromise the structure, Smoke can penetrate through walls, Water will find cracks and holes throughout the living space during the Fire. After the fire is extinguished, holes are created in the ceiling or roof by Fire department playing defense from the Fire. When the smoke settles Am-Cats Emergency Services Mitigation TimeLine starts

# Water

#Water / Flood: Water is a quiet assassin and require special insurance in the case of flooding, broken and or frozen pipes will impact home with water damage stemming from drywall flooring wood trim and carpet, all within 30-60mins of exposure. Am-Cat Emergency Services understands the active perils that your stander insurance policy covers underground pipe b urst to broken and or loose connectors and or frozen pipes to faulty sprinkler systems flood related events that are routinely subjected to an emergency clean up ranging from $4000-$8000 depending on policy details.

All Floods caused by a natural or unnatural disaster will need special endorsement of Flood Insurance to have proper coverage in the event of floods. Mold is common in certain climates and certainly the sometimes-toxic spores will grow under the proper circumstances. There are over 300,000 types of molds. (1) The most important criteria for removing mold is knowing if the mold is airborne or not. A common mistake is trying to remove mold and causing it to spread in the air through ventilation and fan circulation. Our professional mold remediation strategy includes identifying the type of mold (is it airborne, toxic, restricted to one area of growth) and making sure steps are taken to clean the air and remove the mold infested surfaces and materials. When the Waters present Am-Cats Emergency Services Mitigation TimeLine starts

# Severe Weather

#SevereWeather: Severe weather conditions can cause many types of home damage. Strong wind gusts to Sonic Burst can uproot trees and send branches flying through windows, Heavy Lighting could cause a #Fire, while #Hail pellets and rain wreak HVAC systems on roofs, as well as shingles Let's not forget the Damage of what a #Tornado's did in Plainfield and 10 years later in DuPage County

They have the ability to uproot a whole town from tearing off siding from homes and ripping shingles off of rooftops, too collapse walls, roofs to buildings. In any of these cases, you will want your windows, walls, and or roofs that have been compromised will be secured covered to prevent additional weather and damage from affecting your home or Office. When the Dust settles Am-Cats Emergency Services Mitigation TimeLine starts.

# Vandalism

#Vandalism: Unfortunately, vandals can generate their fair share of damage, too. Doors destroyed by forced entry Walls kicked in sprayed painted windows smashed by rocks and are a couple of situations that may require board-up services. You will want to make sure all your home's and or Offices points of entry’s are secured. When you authorize Team Am-Cats Emergency Services will assist.

# Accidents

#Accidents: Accidents happen. From minor incidents, like a baseball shattering a window, to major events, like a car crashing into the side of your home, emergency board-up services provide the temporary security solution you need while figuring out your next steps. When you authorize Team Am-Cats Emergency Services will assist.