AM-CAT Emergency Services

The Right Help When You Need It Most

When floods, fire or other disasters strike your home or business, you only get one chance to make sure repairs are done right. You may be feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Where do you begin? Who do you call? What should you do?

With AMCATEMS, it’s all about you. We help make sure your home is safe and secure and help you navigate the complex world of insurance requirements – protecting your home from further damage and you from liability. You’ve already been through an unexpected hardship; let us make the insurance process simple.

Our Procedure

Secure the building
Temporary Electric
Water Extraction
Drying Methods
Packing Out Valuables
Inventory Itemization
Temporary Housing

When disaster strikes, call us for help 24/7. 1-888-832-4139

How to Secure Your Home or Business After a Catastrophe

Where Do I Begin?

The most important thing is that everyone is safe and accounted for! Once your family is out of
immediate danger it's time to shift your focus to your home and how AMCAT can help.

Who Do I Call?

The first calls you will want to make are to both your insurance provider & AMCATEMS.

What Should I Do?

Now that your family is safe & you have contacted your insurance it's time for AMCATEMS to step in! Click the button below to contact us & we will help you through this trying time.

Why choose AM-CAT?


Over 15 years providing reliable, professional
emergency services to owners and the insured

Always available

Our technicians are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year were here when you need us.

License & Bonded

We are a fully licensed and bonded company.

Fully Insured

Commercial general liability & workers compensation insurance.

Am-CatEms 7 Step Mitigation

After a devastating event like a fire, storm or major flood, disaster victims are frequently traumatized and unaware of what’s required to minimize damage and reduce liability. Am-CatEms 7 Step Mitigation plan not only protects personal property and the building structure from future damage, but also prevents injury. We are committed in providing reliable, professional emergency services to owners and insureds is what we were built for.

Day 1 of the mitigation process
Secure the building

Prevent injury to curious neighborhood
children. Protecting your property from
further damage.

Temporary electrcicity.
Temporary Electric

Provide a safe lighted environment for fire
investigators, insurance adjusters and
returning fire victims.

3 - Water Extraction
Water Extraction

To prevent vapor pressure and bacterial
contamination. Monitor moisture levels
until environment is dry and optimal air
quality is achieved.

4 - Drying Methods
Drying Methods

Remove as much water as quickly as
possible in a liquid form. Vaporize the
remaining moisture as quickly as possible.
Remove the vaporized air as quickly as possible.

5 - Packing out Valuables
Packing Out Insured Valuables

Pack out and inventory all compromised
furniture and electrical components.
Pack out and inventory all compromised
clothing textures.

6 - Personal Inventory Itemization
Personal Inventory Itemization

Detail writing with photos inventory of
all personal damaged / non replacement
loss items.

7 - Temporary Housing
Temporary Housing

Emergency assistants on day or
night of fire long term lease with
furnings during restorations.


AM-CAT's Mitigation Project Timeline


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